Daniel Leisegang

(1978) is a political scientist and marketing director and editor of Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik.


Cover for: No freedom to hate: Germany’s new law against online incitement

Since 1 October 2017, it is illegal in Germany to spread hate speech online. But serious doubts exist, both about the law’s correct enforcement by internet companies, and whether it will be effective against a far-right that now uses Russian servers and social media channels.

Cover for: The limits of solidarity

The success of Germany’s anti-immigrant party signals a mood-swing in public debate on the refugee crisis. The solidarity expressed by Angela Merkel’s ‘We can manage’ has given way to something much less generous, writes Daniel Leisegang.

NSA radomes on Teufelsberg, Germany

In Germany there has been heavy public criticism of the NSA. Yet the German government has failed to investigate the affair and has been quick to demand greater surveillance powers after the Paris attacks, writes Daniel Leisegang of Blätter.

"The real problem is not the recession"

Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik, Germany

As an independent, self-financing publication, Blätter is a relative exception in the journals field. So far, it has not felt the impact of recession, says editor Daniel Leisegang, who sees the big challenges in generating demand for political content and keeping pace with media change.