Dan Jönsson

is a journalist at the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, previously editor at the radio show Europa.


Inside of container

The container is the universal unit of the global commodity society, facilitating the swift exchange of all kinds of product. Precarity, likewise, connotes a basic form of labour that submissively and flexibly adjusts to any form of employment and system of production.

The face of the masses, the gaze of the masses

New matrixes of historical consciousness in inter-war Europe

The objectively perceived mass with its collective “face”, formless and thus formable? Or the mass as a subjective entity, endowed with a perceptual apparatus of its own? The drama of the Weimar Republic unfolded between these two poles, writes Stefan Jonsson.

The first man

On the North, literature and colonialism

While the Nordic countries cannot compare with France, the Netherlands, or Great Britain when it comes to classical colonialism, this is no reason not to discuss their colonial past. An understanding of northern colonialism must start with Nordic culture’s view of nature and the myth of the “first man”, writes Stefan Jonsson.

Skrattet från höger

Så enkelt vann populismen

På nytt går ett spöke genom Europa. Men vilket och varför? Dan Jönsson frilägger rötterna till den europeiska högerpopulismen och ser gemensamma nämnare som har väldigt lite med invandring att göra.

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