Andrej Dynko

Author and essayist. Born in 1974 in Brest, Belarus. Chairman of Belarus’s P.E.N. Center (a member organization of the International P.E.N. association of writers), editor of the independent weekly Nasha Niva and vice editor-in-chief of Eurozine’s Belarusian partner journal <a href="">Arche</a>. He was awarded the Hanno Ellenbogen Citizenship Award in 2003 and the Lorenzo Natali European Commission Prize in 2006 for his article,”Sacrificial therapy”.


Sacrificial therapy

Letter from a prison in Minsk

“Being imprisoned feels like being pregnant: it’s worrying at the beginning and at the end.” Prominent opposition journalist and editor Andrej Dynko was one of the many arrested in connection with the protests following the Belarusian presidential elections in March 2006. Charged with “hooliganism”, Dynko wrote a diary during his ten-day incarceration which was smuggled out of prison and published in the opposition weekly Nasha Niva. In May this year, the essay won its author the prestigious Lorenzo Natali European Commission Prize for journalists writing on human rights issues.

Andrej Dynko elaborates on Belarus’ specific situation and Belarusians’ mentality. Why do the Belarusians want to change everything while changing nothing? Dynko offers an explanation through an analysis of Belarus’ history and wonders about the country’s future.

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