Alice Béja

is assistant editor of the journal Esprit. She has researched the relationship between fiction and politics in interwar America and is translator of the novels of Grace Lumpkin.


NSA Headquarter

Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, French public opinion is firmly in favour of giving greater surveillance powers to the state. Measures focus on online radicalization, including outsourcing surveillance to service providers and fellow citizens, writes Alice Béja of Esprit.

Cover for: Dynamics of inequality

Dynamics of inequality

A conversation with Thomas Piketty

At the heart of every great democratic revolution there was a fiscal revolution, argues Thomas Piketty. And the same will be true of the future. Only a global register of financial assets and a progressive global tax on capital can keep global wealth concentration under control.

There can be no doubt that cultural journals need to take gender into account in the context of their daily activities. But, write Marc-Olivier Padis and Alice Béja, associated procedures should also be adapted to the journal’s size and mode of functioning.

Cover for: The American mommy wars

The American mommy wars

Women, work and family

The debate in the United States over the place of women in the professional world has intensified lately, reopening the “mommy wars” of the 1980s that pitted housewives against working women. Time to question the focus on work and career, and reappraise the value of family life?

Show the poor!

Returning to the art of the Great Depression

When Roosevelt insisted that photographers and writers document the Great Depression, they produced lasting, iconic work that allowed America to doubt its myths but also to get back on track. So where, asks Alice Béja, are today’s Dorothea Langes and John Steinbecks?

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