Alessandro Ludovico

is a media critic and editor in chief of Neural magazine. He teaches Computer Art and Interface Aesthetics at the Academy of Art in Carrara. Website:


Cover for: Machine writing

Machine writing

From meta-knowledge to artificial intelligence

The latest machine writing may be more technologically heavy-handed than, say, the creation of “portmanteau words” in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. But some of the linguistic inventiveness generated by machines is no less enchanting, finds Alessandro Ludovico.

Books vs. tablet

Traditional libraries are increasingly putting their holdings online, if not in competition with Google Books then in partnership, in order to keep pace with the mass digitization of content. Yet it isn’t only the big institutional actors that are driving this process forward: small-scale, independent initiatives based on open source principles offer interesting approaches to re-defining the role and meaning of the library, writes Alessandro Ludovico.

It’s hard to conceive of anything that the art market, worth 20 billion dollars in 2008, hasn’t yet consumed, writes Allesandro Ludovico. Italy as location for the exhibition “Art, Price and Value, Contemporary Art and the Market” is apt, given Italian artists’ unique response to the country’s priceless artistic heritage and the cultural influence that implies.

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