Alan D. Schrift

is Professor and Chair of Department of Philosophy and Director of Center for Humanities at Grinnell College in Grinnell (IA), USA. He is the author of Nietzsche’s French Legacy: A Genealogy of Poststructuralism and Nietzsche and the Question of Interpretation: Between Hermeneutics and Deconstruction.


Questioning authority

Nietzsche's gift to Derrida

Be it the moral-theological tradition, God, or his own status as author, Nietzsche’s refusal to legitimate authority remains constant. As Alan D. Schrift writes, Nietzsche’s deconstruction of authoritarian subjectivity shares much with Jacques Derrida’s post-modern critique of the subject as a privileged centre of discourse.

Excessively sensitive, anti-liberal, and irrelevant, or radical, prescient, and misunderstood? Six philosophers answer Kritika&Kontext’s questions on Nietzsche. Their responses make one thing clear: Nietzsche still divides opinion.

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