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Hungary’s leading institution in the field of Media Studies, the Department has been consistently ranked as first in national academic rankings based on research, teaching quality and career opportunities.
Founded in the early 1990s, the Department of Media and Communication at ELTE University in Budapest initially focused on training a new generation of journalists in the young democracy. Later, the curriculum gradually shifted its emphasis to the interdisciplinary study of contemporary culture and media phenomena.

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Cover for: Our daily nation

Even though socialist internationalism was the official ideology in communist Hungary, popular media at the time was teaming with nationalist narratives, hidden in plain sight. What does this contradiction explain about today’s politics?

Cover for: Keeping sane

Journalism is steadily becoming less and less liveable, due to structural problems and political interference. From heroic poses to varying degrees of denial, each professional develops their own individual strategies to cope with sustained pressure.

Cover for: Cautionary tales

Cautionary tales

Watch the 31st European Meeting of Cultural Journals

A Russian, a Turk and a Hungarian, all journalists, walk into a bar … well, an online talk, actually. Irina Borogan, Ece Temelkuran and György Kerényi spoke about censorship and repression, the impossibility of exile and the performance of care.

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