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Cover for: Populism in power

Populism in power

Esprit 4/2020

‘Esprit’ on the alliance between Christians and anti-establishment populists; illiberalism and the transformation of democracy; the EPP and the ‘Hungary question’; and why ‘The Joker’ captures the political zeitgeist.

Cover for: Public media is a public service!

Public media is a public service!

Algerian journalists and the Hirak

For many journalists at Radio Algérienne, the broadcaster’s failure to cover the Hirak protests last year was the final straw. Thirty years after Algeria had formally adopted a multi-party system, its public media remained no freer than they had been during the days of the FLN.

Cover for: Trajectories of ecologism

Trajectories of ecologism

Revue Projet 375 (2020)

French journal ‘Revue Projet’ publishes a dossier on ecological thinking. Including articles on why catastrophism won’t save the planet, and how decolonization recasts the environmentalist project.

Cover for: Blind in one eye

Blind in one eye

The Hungary question and the European People’s Party

The list of signatories to the statement issued by members of the European People’s Party calling for the expulsion of Fidesz, following Hungary’s ‘Coronavirus Protection Act’, contained some notable absences. Realignments on the European right are making the EPP’s lack of unanimity on the question of national populism untenable.

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