We’re bouncing back

It’s been a stormy year. Since last November, Eurozine has faced the possibility of having to shut up shop. This uncertainty happened at a time when many partners needed us more than ever – facing a major land war in Europe, open persecution or other political pressure in their home countries, and economic turmoil across the globe. Thankfully you, our readers, have stuck with us through the thick of it.

Our readers’ donations and moral support have meant so much. We asked for your help and many of you acted on it – you have our deepest gratitude, and I hope the ongoing efforts reflect this. Your interest in our in-depth articles hasn’t wavered, and this has helped keep us going.

Bouncing like a bunny. Photo by Kenny Eliason via Unsplash.

Now we’re beginning to see the prospects of survival. Funding partners have pledged their trust in Eurozine once again. We’ve found a helping hand in unexpected places too, from fellow non-profit organizations and foundations to private sponsorship. Together with your donations, we can continue our work into 2023, providing insight into intellectual and political conversations across Europe, freely accessible.

We still have some way to go to secure Eurozine’s long-term stability, but we’re already rebuilding the team and increasing our publishing. We have even started two new educational activities with university partners: one with high school students and RECET, University of Vienna; and another about the East within Europe with MA students from ELTE Média, Budapest. We’ll soon tell you more about these exciting projects.

Nearing the end of a tough year, heading into a hard winter for the northern hemisphere, we at Eurozine are determined to maintain our public interest mandate: bringing you choice reads and discussions for free from across Europe and beyond.

We’re also continuing to provide our network of journals and magazines with the professional platform that makes us stronger together.

But now it’s time to celebrate the turning of the tide, which has brought us back to calmer waters. We thank you for your continued interest in Eurozine, and hope you will continue pledging your support into the future.

Published 9 November 2022
Original in English
First published by Eurozine

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