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Milos Mikeln

What is happening within Nato is – if commentary be permitted – something quite different to what Nato until even recently signified from outside, in opposition to the Warsaw Pact. Why the government does not plainly state this, clearly and simply, is truly a puzzle. After all the centuries of European wars, which not only embroiled the old continent, but which Europe also exported to other continents – thus entangling with itself the whole world – now at last France will no longer come to blows with Germany; their intelinkage began long ago with the coal and steel union, and is now such that neither can manage being apart. Likewise for Germany and Poland: the border on the Oder – Neisse is a harsh reality for the Germans, but one which they accepted with clenched teeth; Poland will not take hold of the Slovakian provinces, as it did in 1938; and so on to the Italians, who must finally swallow back any potential longings for the eastern shores of the Adriatic. Such longings Nato does not permit. All members are under one cover, beneath which the use of force is not permitted. This, today, is Nato’s chief characteristic: the cover of peace over Europe.

Published 4 March 2003
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