Cogito was a partner of the Eurozine network from July 2006 to October 2013.

Cogito is a (non-strictly academic) philosophy journal based in Athens, Greece, and published three times a year since 2004 by Nefeli Publishers. It addresses a wide audience and features articles on topics that range from main stream philosophical issues such as metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, and aesthetics to issues of public interest like ethics and politics, and unusual items of philosophical concern like gardens, food, poetry, and music. It does not try to simplify philosophy in order to make it accessible to the general public but rather to highlight the philosophical aspect of things as they emerge in the public and private sphere. Its aim is to show that philosophy is both relevant and fascinating.

The vast majority of the articles are by Greek authors who specialize in philosophy but also by authors who come from the arts, law, history, medicine, the physical sciences, economics, and linguistics but have an interest in and sensibility for philosophy. Some of the regular contributors have personal columns (on colour, logical paradoxes, language, film, literature, philosophy of history, taste, light and darkness, etc.) while new and established artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, cartoonists) offer their work to be presented in the journal’s pages. There is also a column on how to build a philosophical library. There are some translations, discussions, and interviews with distinguished philosophers like Michael Frede, Alexander Nehamas, Michael Walzer, John Haugeland, and Richard Swinburne. Every issue has a special section devoted to a particular topic.

The journal is governed by an editorial board and an editor-in-chief.

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