"Fronesis" celebrates Eurozine membership

11 December 2006
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Swedish Fronesis is the newest journal to join the Eurozine network. With a radical conception of politics, theory, and critique, it aims to help the reader to navigate through a changing social and intellectual terrain. In Sweden, Fronesis‘s membership has made headlines:

Fronesis has passed through the needle’s eye”, writes Swedish daily Sydsvenskan, reporting on the journal’s new partner status (article in Swedish). “We have been lobbying for this for several years”, explains Henrik Gundenäs, one of Fronesis‘s, editors, as he celebrates Eurozine membership together with his colleagues in the small and worn-down office in Malmö.

“In a very short time, Fronesis has established itself as an extremely important journal in Sweden”, says Eurozine’s editor-in-chief Carl Henrik Fredriksson to Sydsvenskan.

“If you want to understand the political, social, historical, and cultural context in which you live, it is magazines like Fronesis you have to read”, notes Fredriksson. “Swedish opinion formers, from journalists and intellectuals to politicians, of course know this. Or, at least they should. The themes and issues that pop up on op-ed pages and in debates have often been prepared in these publications, even though they are rarely explicitly credited as the origin of discourses, concepts, and ideas. The same of course goes for other influential quality journals, such as Ord&Bild, Glänta, or Arena, but Fronesis has in only a few years come to count among these important publications”, says Fredriksson.

In its first issue presented in Eurozine, Fronesis stands up for the radical heritage of liberalism – against the liberals of our age. Among numerous Swedish and internationally renowned contributors, Saskia Sassen talks in interview about “Denationalized states and global assemblages”. Her interview is available in Eurozine in both English and Swedish.

Published 11 December 2006

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