L'Homme turns 30

The European Journal for Feminist History – L’Homme – is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The Vienna-based journal is part of the Eurozine network since 2003.

In the current issue of L’Homme, the journal marks thirty years of publishing by looking back at the ways in which its changing team of publishers, editors and authors have shaped how feminist historiography has positioned itself.

At its inception in 1990, L’Homme ‘placed itself firmly in the space between a political movement and academic analysis’. After a period of interdisciplinarity, the goal of feminist historiography was to ‘step back into the discipline’ and ‘to rewrite history entirely’. However, the emergence of gender studies brought a new form of interdisciplinarity. ‘Queer’ approaches and ‘liquid’ definitions of gender have since played as significant a role as ‘praxeological, cultural-scientific, power-theoretical and intersectional interpretations, which have in turn influenced empirical feminist historiography’.

What does the journal see as its role today? With the rise of ‘gender bashing’ and the instrumentalization and mythologization of relations between gender and history, ‘it is crucial to again position oneself in feminist terms and to call for extensive sexual equality’.

An anthology of 27 interviews with renowned feminist researchers is also currently in the works and will be published in the spring of 2020.

Find more information on L’Homme in Eurozine, and on L’Homme’s website.