Maciej Urbanowski

Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Faculty of Polish Studies, Department of Contemporary Criticism (head). Area of research: 20th century Polish literature, modern literary criticism, literature and rightwing ideologies. Recent publications: Od Brzozowskiego do Herberta. Studia o ideach literatury polskiej XX wieku (2013); Romans z Polską. O literaturze współczesnej (2014); Brzozowski. Nowoczesność (2017).


Cover for: Conservative revolution

Conservative revolution

Rightwing literature in Poland after 1989

Rightwing literature reappeared in Poland after 1989, having been absent from cultural life during communism. Since 2010, political polarization has caused its significance and visibility to increase. But what defines rightwing literature in Poland? A typology of its motifs and genres, from anti-communism to anti-modernism, historical revisionism to sci-fi.

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