Sidney Tarrow

Political scientist and sociologist whose research has focused on comparative politics, social movements, political parties, collective action and political sociology. He is Emeritus Maxwell Upson Professor of Government and Adjunct Professor, Cornell Law School. Tarrow’s books include Power in Movement: Collective Action, Social Movements and Politics (Cambridge University Press, 1994) and Dynamics of Contention (with Doug McAdam and Charles Tilly; Cambridge University Press, 2001).




Cover for: Lies, fakes and deep fakes

Lies, fakes and deep fakes

Deceptions and scams in the age of Trump

‘Deep fakes’ are increasingly being used to damage the reputation of political leaders, interfere in elections, and undermine faith in the veracity of public discourse. Concerted action by civil society groups, states and social media intermediaries is the only way to nip this new danger to democracy in the bud.

Cover for: 1968: The season of planting is not the season of harvest

The events of 1968 are intimately connected to the student and worker protests in France in May of that year. But the 1968 movement had greater long-term impact elsewhere, notably in Italy and the United States, argues Sidney Tarrow.

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