Ondřej Slačálek

is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Charles University, Prague; was Jan Patočka Junior Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Human Sciences (IWM) in 2017.


Cover for: Of hopes and ends

Of hopes and ends

Czech transformations after 1989

It is not the case that the move towards populism has spoiled democratic hopes in central eastern Europe. The hope was part of the problem from the beginning, in spite of its emancipatory potential, or even because of it. We have to ask: what kind of hope? And hope for what?

Cover for: Unusually high stakes

Unusually high stakes

Italy, Latvia and the Czech Republic before the EP elections

Overt euroscepticism pervades the political climate in Italy but is hardly anywhere to be found in Latvia. Meanwhile, low turnout in the Czech Republic may help facilitate a rightwing ‘Europe of nations’, despite the alternatives on the table.

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