Rachael Jolley

is an award-winning editor, journalist, podcast producer and researcher. Having started as a news reporter on a local newspaper, she moved on to writing for magazines, newspapers and websites in the UK and internationally (including The Times, the Financial Times and The Guardian). She has been editorial director at think tank British Future, managing editor for monthly magazine Business Traveller, editor of Business Traveller Middle East, and commissioning editor (online) for the Fabian Society. She also launched the quarterly magazine Public Health Today. She is contributing editor of Index on Censorship and visiting fellow in journalism at Sheffield University.


Cover for: The arc of world war memories

War memorials and faded names on plaques have lost their power to remind us of battlefield realities in the past. We need new ways to make us remember, force us to think.

Cover for: The BBC bounces back

In the months before the corona pandemic, the BBC had been battling for its political survival under a constant barrage of criticism. Then, as the crisis hit and ratings for news services rose, the government’s anti-BBC rhetoric started to disappear. Has the emergency changed attitudes to the broadcaster?

Cover for: Zine renaissance and hyperlocal news

Zine renaissance and hyperlocal news

Eurozine podcast part 2: Local journalism in the digital age

Globalization was supposed to connect people but instead ended up connecting the powerful. Local news is rapidly disappearing, a side-effect of digitalization and the ownership concentration in media markets. In an age of technological changes and political pressure, niche publications and a renaissance of zines lead the quest for new, sustainable models in publishing.

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