Olena Stiazhkina

is a historian, publicist, professor of history at Donetsk National University (now temporarily in Vinnytsia) and a member of the Ukrainian PEN Club. She is the author of Women in the History of Ukrainian Culture in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century and A Human Being in the Soviet Province: (Un)learning Language (2013).


Cover for: When even a suitcase is too much

Word from those on the ground in Ukraine is coming through. And the message is – everyone who needs to leave should, but please don’t say goodbye anymore.

Cover for: Country, war, love

Country, war, love

Excerpts from the Donetsk Diary

Just weeks after Ukraine’s parliament voted to remove Viktor Yanukovych from office, the country’s eastern regions descended into a senseless war, marking a grave new low in relations with Russia. Historian Olena Stiazhkina reflects powerfully on how the conflict has compromised Ukraine’s attempts to take its destiny into its own hands.

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