Manuel Arias Maldonado

is Political Science Professor at the University of Malaga and author of Sueño y mentira del ecologismo [Dream and lie of the green movement], 2008.


Cover for: The internet against democracy

Digitalization reveals the distance between the democratic ideal and its practical reality. Only a society that is open, sceptical and flexible can adapt successfully to this transformation, writes Manuel Arias Maldonado.

Podemos assembly

If Spain did not have an agonistic democracy before, it does now. Podemos was only founded in 2014. But following its rise, a war over meanings, resources and power has broken out, writes Manuel Arias Maldonado. So what exactly are the generals thinking?

Las emociones juegan, indiscutiblemente, un papel relevante en la vida política. Es algo inevitable, pero en ocasiones también peligroso: cuando invita al proteccionismo, al narcisismo, incluso al odio.

Should the printed book soon become a relic of a bygone era in publishing, uncertainty as to modes of sharing knowledge and experience will remain. Neither will we know, according to Manuel Arias Maldonado, whether to mourn the loss of the well known or of the valuable.

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