Kateryna Botanova

is a Basel-based cultural critic and curator from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is a co-curator of a multidisciplinary cultural festival CULTURESCAPES (Basel, Switzerland) and an editor of festival readers. She was a director of the Center for Contemporary Art (SCM) in Kyiv and an editor-in-chief of a cultural online magazine KORYDOR. She is a consultant for various EU programs and institutions on cultural relations and cultural mediation. As a cultural critic and essayist she contributes to numerous media. She is a member of PEN-Ukraine.


Cover for: Hopes and dreams of the bigger world

Hopes and dreams of the bigger world

Ukrainian art since Maidan

Maidan set art free from the fight for the political agenda, since everything has become a part of the political agenda. On the other hand, the rapidly accelerating political and geopolitical changes brought several challenges for artists.

Cover for: Against indifference

There is little hope for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia during the World Cup. However, Oleg Sentsov’s hunger strike will not have been in vain if it causes people to question the platitude that ‘sport is above politics’.

Cover for: Back to the future in Ukraine

Back to the future in Ukraine

Cultural policies two years after Maidan

The Maidan protests have given Ukraine a chance to stop and look at its future, and plan it the way she wanted to, writes Kateryna Botanova. Now it’s becoming apparent how to make the revolutionary shift from continual fighting, distrust and questioning of legitimacy to mutual support, collaboration and growth.

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