Erich Klein

born 1961 in Altenburg/Lower Austria. Studied Philosophy and German Philology, currently living in Vienna.


Remembering Bartók

John Moseley talks with Elisabeth Klein

“He made very few comments and never about technical problems. I once asked about a particular fingering and he replied ‘Use your nose if you like.'” Shortly before her death, the pianist Elisabeth Klein talked to composer John Moseley about her former teacher Béla Bartók.

“Every day of crisis is a day of learning, a window of opportunity, but this window will get smaller and smaller unless rapid and fundamental changes take place in the economy.” 95 year-old political economist Kurt Rothschild in interview with “Wespennest”.

Cover for: The patriarch of Muscovite conceptualism

The patriarch of Muscovite conceptualism

On the death of Russian artist Dimitri Prigov

The Russian artist and writer Dimitri Prigov is dead. Erich Klein, his friend and German translator, remembers one of the most important poets of the late and post-Soviet era.

Poesie ist Sprache zum Quadrat

Erich Klein und Uldis Tirons im Gespräch mit Tomas Venclova

Der litauische Dichter Tomas Venclova über sein Land, Kriege, Ödipus und die Poesie.

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