Bogdan Bogdanovic

(b.1922 in Belgrad) is an important Serbian architect. University professor since 1973, designed a dozens monuments to the victims of fascism and the anti-fascist struggle, many of them still preserved in the territory of former Yugoslavia. He left the Serbian Academy of Sciences in 1981 and was mayor of Belgrade for four years starting in 1982. He strongly protested against Serbian nationalism in its extreme militant anti-urban form in Croatia and Bosnia. Since 1993, he has lived in Vienna. A book by him The City and Demons has been published in Slovak in 2002.


Thematizing the Balkan wars and the Israeli-Palestine conflict, Belgrade’s 2011 October Salon exhibition failed to get beyond dogmatic subjectivity and recycled preconceptions, writes Ana Bogdanovic.

Static and dynamic

Or on the understanding of the human being and the human situation

The architecture of the European city

Interview with Bogdan Bogdanovic

How will the great European cities – London, Paris and Vienna develop in the future, both in a political and in an architectural sense? The Serbian architect Bogdanovic argues that Europe must preserve the civilization of its cities, whilst preventing them from turning into megapolitan cities.

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