Anthony Barnett

Writer and campaigner, co-founder of In 2016, openDemocracy serialized his running commentary on Britain’s EU referendum, entitled ‘Blimey it could be Brexit!’. His book The Lure of Greatness: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump was published in 2017.


Cover for: Explaining Brexit

Brexit has been driven by an English nationalism combined with extreme globalization – but also by EU overreach, writes openDemocracy co-founder Anthony Barnett. A second referendum is hypothetical at best and a different result far from certain.

In this excerpt from Anthony Barnett’s book project Blimey – it could be BREXIT!, the founder of openDemocracy (UK) argues in favour of the United Kingdom remaining a European Union member state. In the process, he reflects on the changing prospects for a genuinely democratic Europe, and on the role of digital and other new platforms in shaping European debate.