Andreas Huyssen

is the Villard Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. He is one of the founding editors of New German Critique, the leading journal of German Studies in the United States, and he serves on the editorial boards of October, Constellations, Germanic Review, Transit, Key Words, and Critical Space (Tokyo). In 2005, he won Columbiaâs Mark van Doren teaching award.


The Armenian genocide: Issues of responsibility and democracy

An interview with Susan Neiman and Andreas Huyssen

The conference “Ottoman Armenians during the decline of the empire: Issues of scientific responsibility and democracy”, held at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2005, marked the beginning of a fierce public debate on the “Armenian issue” in Turkey. Attempts to hold the conference at Bosphorous University were twice blocked by the Turkish government, and in a speech given to the members of the parliament before the conference, the Turkish minister of justice accused the conference organizers and participants of treason. The “Armenian issue” then emerged “full-blown onto the public sphere”.

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