Putin’s big lie and the allies that didn’t last

Today’s guest is a native of Sevastopol: Anton Shekhovtsov, Director of the Centre for Democratic Integrity, and author of the book ‘Russia and the Western Far Right’.

In this episode, he tells about Russian imperialist mythology and how the insane propaganda of Ukraine’s denazification came about; the new status of Belarus as a mere vassal state; desertion as a political option; and how western elites have abandoned their alliances with Vladimir Putin – with a few notable exceptions.

This podcast episode is a condensed and edited version of a longer conversation, which is available in its entirety only to our Patrons, featuring bonus material about the Biden administration’s non-interventionist stance and Donal Trump’s surprising comments on Putin’s tactical genius.

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Find Anton Shekhovtsov’s petition to Western universities here. You can read more from him in Eurozine, and more on Ukraine in our long-running focal point, Ukraine in European dialogue.

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Published 2 March 2022
Original in English
First published by Eurozine

© Eurozine

Euromaidan, 1 December 2013. Photo by Alexandra (Nessa) Gnatoush on Flickr.

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