Semicerchio (PAST JOURNAL)

Semicerchio was a partner of the Eurozine network from July 2001 to May 2013.

Founded in Firenze, Italia in 1985, Semicerchio deals with the thematic, intertextual, and intercultural relationship between the poetic literatures of various countries, analyzing themes and textual forms through a historical and supranational perspective. In the illustrated anthology section, which documents the fortunes of a particular theme in poetic texts and translations through the centuries from classical antiquity to the present; the choice of texts is orientated towards works which are little-known or unpublished in Italian translation.

Specialized research is utilized in the various linguistic divisions with the collaboration of university scholars from around the globe as well as original artistic contributions. Fifteen sections are dedicated to unpublished poems, essays, and reviews of poetry in an international context (English, American, German, French, Greek, Slavic, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, African, and Arabic poetry): individual subsections are dedicated to ancient and medieval poetry, and to the texts of poetry for music, even rock. Semicerchio presents the reader with an up-to-date unequaled critical and bibliographical panorama.

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