RozRazil is a Czech socio-cultural magazine established in 2004 in cooperation with the theatre Husa na provázku (Brno). With a format partly retaining the structure of a theatrical performance, each issue of the magazine is dedicated to a single theme that is approached through literary, artistic, professional and academic angles.
As in theatre, RozRazil begins with “curtain” section (usually a literary text to introduce the chosen theme). A group “round table” interview gives space to a discussion between practitioners and interested non-specialists. The “workshop” section consists of a presentation of the chosen topic in a “workshop” style, approaching the theme as an assignment for authors who then work on it in a creative, innovative way – be it through fictional, satiric or grotesque elements or short essays and articles. Each issue includes the section “top ten questions”, in which two prominent intellectuals ask one another questions connected to the main theme (the authors usually come from different countries). The “essays” section contains two texts, one by Czech author and one from elsewhere.
An exclusive section “box” (as in a box in the theatre) consists of a fine arts contribution. The broadest section is entitled “read-through”, containing contemporary fiction and “national classics” linked to the main theme. The subsection “chorus” also connected to the main theme of the issue, this time in a poetic tone. The “trapdoor” section is farewell consisting of a short essay, symbolically closing the issue.
RozRazil comes out ten times a year; it is distributed both in the Czech Republic and also in Slovakia.

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