LaPunkt started in 2013 as an online publication committed to the debate of ideas.’s contributors comprise over 300 authors: intellectuals of all major Romanian generations, ranging from young professionals – trained in prestigious universities all over the world – to renown intellectuals such as Ioana Pârvulescu recipient of the European Union Prize for Literature, Toma Pavel, Gordon J. Laing, distinguished professor in Romance Languages and Literature at Chicago University or Vladimir Tismăneanu, Comparative Politics professor at the University of Maryland. They all share the values and the mission that embraced from its inception: to encourage dialogue, creative liberty, and intellectual passion.

Eugen Stancu, LaPunkt’s editor, writes about his inspiration to start LaPunkt and its current relevance in this blog post (in English).

It should be mentioned that in less than three years, imposed itself in the Romanian public space. The online magazine has published so far over 5000 articles. Moreover, each week five texts are collected in a “Punkt of the week” which follows a specific topic from various perspectives and manifestations.

The magazine has active and growing social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) and it distributes a weekly newsletter.

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