Krasnogruda (PAST JOURNAL)

Krasnogruda was a partner of the Eurozine network from June 2004 to November 2011.

Krasnogruda. Nations, cultures and small homelands of the central and eastern Europe is a cultural magazine, published since 1993 by the Borderland Foundation from Sejny, Poland.

The magazine is devoted to the multicultural regions of central and eastern Europe. It focuses on cultural life, literature, art, history, and the relations between the various national and religious groups, living in the borderland areas. The monographic issues published so far focused on the following areas of central and eastern Europe: Bukovina, Bosnia, Ukraine Belarus, Lithuania, Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo, as well as Prague. A special issue in English was published in 1998 in cooperation with the Swedish cultural centre “Intercult” within the framework of the “Stockholm – the Capital City of Europe 1998” project.

The Borderland Publishing House has also published over 50 books. Among them the widely acclaimed series entitled Meridian, which promotes books by central and eastern European authors. In 2000 it was awarded a prize for the best Polish publishing initiative by the Literatura na swiecie – a prestigious Polish cultural magazine.

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