FA-art was a partner of the Eurozine network from January 2000 to November 2011.

FA-art is a magazine with a very precise programme. It is the only literary periodical in Poland to emphasize the postmodern in literature. FA-art presents poetry, prose, and critical essays by mostly young artists (born in the sixties and seventies). About a quarter of each edition is reserved for reviews.

FA-art also presents anthologies of the young literature from central and eastern Europe. To handle that, we often extend the issue to up to 200 pages. Such extended editions appear usually once a year. They have been devoted to the young literatures of: Slovenia, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. These presentations are not profitable, which is why the editors ask the copyright owners to allow free publishing.

Every edition is a special catalogue of one artist. We print the texts of the majority of the authors from the so called “thirty-year-old” group. As opposed to other Polish literary periodicals, FA-art puts much stress on literary criticism, and comments on changes in the Polish literature after 1989. The literary criticism published in FA-art is professional and open to the new methodological trends in literary analysis. Nonetheless, it is written in casual, reader-friendly style.

We often come back to the works of the most significant authors of the past decades, observe and comment on general cultural changes (merging of different cultures, multi media, etc.). Through our activities we reject stereotypical opinions about Upper Silesia as a region of little importance to the Polish literary life.

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