Belgrade Circle Journal (PAST JOURNAL)

Belgrade Circle Journal was a member of the Eurozine network from January 1995 to December 2013.

The Belgrade Circle Journal is the only democratic, liberal, and independent multicultural journal in FR Yugoslavia. The journal is the public voice of the oldest and most renowned NGO in Belgrade. The political and cultural aim of the Belgrade Circle Journal is to educate the younger generation (high-school population, students, activists of the NGO scene, and independent movements and organizations), as well as the educated middle class, about liberal, pluralistic, and open society. We aim to contribute to the creation of the new, liberal-democratic value system in Serbia in the domain of politics, the economy, and the legal system, and in morality, culture, media, and education.

The journal is aimed at critical intellectuals, artists, scientists and participants in the alternative cultural scene, as well as younger generations, who have been hit hardest by official ethnocentrism. As the voice of “Another Serbia”, the Belgrade Circle NGO seeks to provide the sorely needed bridge between intellectuals in the country and in those exile, and among the Yugoslavian cultural spaces. The journal also aims at readers in Europe, in the USA, and beyond.