A Prior Magazine (PAST JOURNAL)

A Prior Magazine was a member of the Eurozine network until February 2017.

A Prior Magazine is a series of publications on contemporary art. The magazine is published by vzw Mark and the University College Ghent in English and distributed all over the world in specialized art bookstores and museums. A Prior Magazine publishes two regular issues a year in which the body of work of an artist is discussed at length by means of visual and textual contributions. With an extensive portfolio and texts by various authors from different fields, a substantial publication is established – always in close collaboration with the artist – offering simultaneously two additional artists the possibility to set up an artist’s project accompanied by a newly commissioned text.

A Prior Magazine is compiled in a similar way to an exhibition: a multi-sided offer including different viewpoints, but with an eye for some degree of affinity. After the monographic and artistic contributions, the last section of A Prior Magazine, VISIONS, consists of a series of textual as well as visual columns, comments on contemporary developments and discussions in the fields of art and visual culture.

In addition, A Prior Magazine occasionally collaborates with organizations or initiatives within the larger field of visual culture to publish EXTRA issues.