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Iva Nenadić: European Media Freedom Act – Achievements and Challenges Ahead

For a decade, the Media Pluralism Monitor has been regularly implemented in all EU member states and candidate countries to map and monitor the evolution of risks to media freedom and pluralism across the dimensions of fundamental rights and protections, market conditions, political independence, and social inclusiveness.

The Monitor, which informs the media pluralism section of the European Commission’s Rule of Law reports, indicates that many conditions for media and journalism have worsened over time across Europe. It is particularly problematic when ruling politicians, designated to provide and protect an enabling environment for journalism, create conditions that make work more difficult or even dangerous for journalists.

This has led to the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), a groundbreaking achievement considering that the EU traditionally has had no explicit competencies in this policy area. Media policies have traditionally been a matter of national policy. This lecture outlines the key elements of EMFA and discusses some challenges to its equal implementation across all EU countries.

Iva Nenadić: European Media Freedom Act – Achievements and Challenges Ahead from Vox Feminae on Vimeo.


Technology in the service of independent media. Krytyka Polityczna and its partners invite you to a webinar with the co-founder of the Dennik N


How can technology be used in the service of independent journalism? How to study audiences, use data consciously and build an effective strategy based on it, so that independent web portals do not have to rely only on social media algorithms?

Krytyka Polityczna and partners invite publishers, journalists and editors to a free webinar “Technology in the service of independent media”. The special guest is Tomáš Bella.

Tomáš Bella is Chief Digital Officer at Denník N (, an independent daily newspaper published in Slovak, Czech and Hungarian language. Denník N is focused on high-quality and long-form journalism and also develops open-source subscription software for publishers (

Before, Bella was editor-in-chief of the most popular Slovak news site and CEO of subscription software provider Piano. He was listed among the world’s 50 leading innovators in journalism and media and won several journalism prizes, recently the Slovak Best Reportage award for his coverage of the European refugee crisis.

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