Topical: Christianity, Wikileaks and Netanyahu

Read up on the background of the past two weeks’ big debates, from Eurozine’s archive:

Christianity and European identity

  • European identity: Krzysztof Pomian on the Christianization of Europe and the meaning of the Latin–Greek divide for European identity (2009).
  • The last crusade: Kenan Malik on why the claim that Christianity provides the bedrock of Western culture is a simplification that serves the interests of extremists (2011).

Assange, Wikileaks and whistleblowing

  • Contain this! Felix Stalder on how WikiLeaks has changed the information landscape and redefined the role of investigative journalism (2010).
  • Twelve theses on Wikileaks: Geert Lovink and Patrice Riemens on the new culture of exposure beyond the traditional politics of openness and transparency (2010).

Netanyahu and the Israeli right

  • Back in the ghetto: Göran Rosenberg on the Israeli myth of besiegement and how the right exploits it at the expense of peace with Palestine (2007).
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