Vicenç Villatoro

is a journalist and writer. He was the editor of Avui, and the director of the Fundació Enciclopèdia Catalana and the Corporació Catalana de Ràdio i Televisió. He has written novels, poems, and essays. His recent publications include Catalunya després del Tripartit (2004), Crear Europa, reconstruir Occident (2005) and Els jueus i Catalunya (2005).


Distorted vision

The imperviousness of the Castilian market to cultural output in Catalan

Historically, Catalan language and culture has had a mixed response from its Castilian counterpart. Admired during the Renaissance, during the modern period Catalan was identified with federalism; this placed it at odds with the Jacobin principle that underlay the Spanish state. The object of sympathy during periods of twentieth-century repression, Catalan culture soon found enemies when it declared independence. Today, Catalan cultural products are seen as a political instrument rather than a response to genuine demand. As a result, it is easier for a Catalan author to get published in German or Dutch than in Castilian Spanish.

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