Viatcheslav Morozov

born 1972. Historian and political scientist. Lecturer at the European Studies Department of Saint Petersburg State University’s School of International Relations. He also directs the programme on political science, international relations and human rights at the Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Author of The Ideology of Swedish Social Democracy and European Integration (1998) and of An Introduction to European Studies (2002, both in Russian).


In search of Europe: Russian political discourse and the outside world

Russian political discourse and the outside world

“Does Russia belong to Europe?” is one of the notoriously unanswerable questions for politicians and intelligentsia alike. Viatcheslav Morozow argues that the last three years have seen a shift in the Russian psyche, whereby its definition as part of the civilised, cultivated world has become much less problematic and Russia’s worldview of a strict “us” versus “them” dichotomy is weakening.

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