Ulrike Guérot

is Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab at the European School of Governance in Berlin, and a lecturer on European integration at the European Viadrina University. Previously she worked for the European Council on Foreign Relations, at the Open Society Initiative for Europe, at the German Council on Foreign Relations, and with the German Marshall Fund.


Cover for: Can we live in a borderless world?

In a ‘flat world’ there is no longer a place for the sovereign right of national ‘non-inteference’, argues Ulrike Guérot. Europe must begin thinking about ‘network democracy’, in which social cohesion is organized beyond borders.

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The failure of the political centre ground

The EU and the rise of right-wing populism

There is a no-man’s-land between European post-democracy and notional national democracy that largely consists of grand coalitions of the political centre. It is here that European populism is flourishing and will continue to do so. Ulrike Guérot offers a corrective.

Cover for: Europe: The reconstruction of the Free World

A borderless Europe may seem like a distant prospect at the moment. But as struggles for universal access to the global commons beyond the nation-state intensify, it is bound to become a necessity, say Ulrike Guérot and Robert Menasse.

Cover for: Europe as a republic

Europe as a republic

The story of Europe in the twenty-first century

The system currently known as the European Union is the embodiment of post-democracy, says Ulrike Guérot. The solution: to turn Europe on its head. For the Europe of tomorrow is a European Republic, the embodiment of a transnational community.