Taciana Arcimovic

is editor of pARTisan (Belarus) and has curated debates and exhibitions in Berlin and Minsk.


Cover for: Intellectual resistance: New strategies

Intellectual resistance: New strategies

A roundtable discussion on Belarus and Ukraine

Leading artists, curators and practitioners in the creative industries discuss the prospects for intellectual resistance in the most precarious of circumstances: where state institutions tend to strangle much-needed social critique and one must use every available resource to avoid submitting to one’s own fatigue.

Cover for: Neighbourhood as an assertion of autonomy

There is a real need to debate the post-Soviet space less as a single region and more in terms of individual autonomous entities, writes Taciana Arcimovic. Recent discussions in Narva made a valuable contribution toward meeting this need. Arcimovic reports on the first of five conferences organized by the platform Neighbourhood in Europe: Prospects of a Common Future. The conference series continues in Minsk from 7 to 10 December and Kharkiv from 10 to 12 December.

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