Simona Škrabec

Simona Škrabec lives in Barcelona since 1992. She is the author of the books L’estirp de la solitud (2003), L’atzar de la lluita (2005), Pàtria prestada (2017) and Torno del bosc (2019). She also directed an extensive project about cultural exchange between Germany and Catalonia (Grenzen sind Straßen, 2007-2008), participated in the research To be translated or not to be (2007) and directed the report Culture’s Oxygen (2016), commissioned by UNESCO. She has translated more than thirty books. In addition, she is a regular literary critic with various Barcelona and Valencia-based newspapers and magazines. In 2014, she was elected Chair of PEN International’s Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee.


Cover for: Out of love for the South

We speak about the differences between North and South as though they explain everything. In the process, age-old prejudices again penetrate the European consciousness and shape how we think about the world.

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