Olga Shparaga

Philosopher and professor at the European College of Liberal Arts, Belarus (ECLAB). She is a member of the ‘Coordination Council’ initiated by Sviatlana Tsikanouskaya to ‘organize the process of overcoming the political crisis and ensure social cohesion, as well as protect the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus’.

2006–2014 co-editor of Novaja Europa, now member of the Editorial Board of the Ideology and Politics Journal, The Interlocutor and pARTisan, as well as of the International Philosophical Book Series Libri Nigri. She has published two monographs: Community-after-Holocaust: On the way to the inclusion society (Minsk: ECLAB books, 2018, in Russian) and Wake of Political Life: An Essay on the Philosophy of the Public Sphere (Vilnius: EHU, 2010, in Russian).


Cover for: For a Belarusian res publica!

The nationalist opposition in Belarus has been marginalized, argues Coordination Council member Olga Shparaga. National heroes and vertical power structures no longer have popular appeal. The focus is instead on peaceful cooperation, social inclusion and the soft power of women.

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