Serhij Zhadan

(1974) is a poet and author based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Translations of his works into the German language include Hymne der demokratischen Jugend (Suhrkamp 2009); Die Selbstmordrate bei Clowns. Erzählungen und Texte (Edition Fototapeta 2009); Depeche Mode (Suhrkamp 2007); Geschichte der Kultur zu Anfang des Jahrhunderts (Suhrkamp 2006).In July 2016 he held a ‘Ukraine in European Dialogue’ Solidarity Fellowship at the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna.



Cover for: A dictionary of military terminology

You can, of course, ignore war. You can act like you don’t notice it, like it doesn’t affect you. You can stubbornly avoid looking in its direction. But then, ostentatiously ignoring it is also taking a stance, and not always a productive one.

Cover for: No special status

From a distance it isn’t visible, but talking with local residents, you can feel it: something is changing. Ukrainian novelist and poet Serhii Zhadan reports from Starobelsk, a town in the Luhansk region near the ceasefire line, held by the Ukrainian government.

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