Hartmut Rosa

is a German sociologist and political scientist. He is Professor for General and Theoretical Sociology at the University of Jena, and Director of the Max Weber College in Erfurt. His books include: Alienation and Acceleration. Towards a Critical Theory of Late-Modern Temporality, NSU Press, 2010 (published as Beschleunigung und Entfremdung – Entwurf einer kritischen Theorie spätmoderner Zeitlichkeit. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 2013); Social Acceleration: A New Theory of Modernity, Columbia University Press 2013; and Resonanz: Eine Soziologie der Weltbeziehung Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 2016 (English translation forthcoming).


Cover for: Adaptation, not fossilization

Adaptation, not fossilization

Two responses to the ‘refugee crisis’

The ethno-nationalist response to immigration entrenches the very alienation that it purports to overcome. In order to escape inertia and rejuvenate our societies, what we need instead is a politics of adaptation, argues sociologist Hartmut Rosa.

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