Rita Repsiene

holds a Ph.D in narrative history, is a lecturer at Vilnius University, at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and a researcher at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Vilnius. She is editor of nine books and co-author of Historic Realities and Myths in National Cultures: Modern Vision, 2009 and Lithuanian Identity in Reality and Utopia, 2007.


In pursuit of the goddess

How one woman defied the odds to restore the feminist principle

Controversial in her day and not without opponents even now, she became a feminist icon and a hero of the post-religious twenty-first century. Lithuanian-American archeologist Marija Gimbutas (Lithuanian: Gimbutiene) revolutionized ideas of “Old Europe” and reinstated the Great Goddess in her rightful place before the onslaught of the Indo-European male ascendancy dethroned her and left women mere consorts and companions.

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