Peter Lodenius

born 1942, lives in Helsinki, Finland. He has studied social sciences and since 1966 has worked as a journalist. He is editor of the Swedish language weekly Ny Tid, often writing about the developments in Eastern and Central Europe. He has publications about working life and ex-Yugoslavia.


A light in the darkness of Belarus

On the European Humanities University in Vilnius

There is a light in the darkness of Belarus. A Belarusian university in exile provides future generations with internationally approved degrees and the ability to think independently. After visiting EHU I am convinced that this university constitute the best hope for the future of Belarus, writes Peter Lodenius.

Amid the questions for a European identity and whose Europe it is after all emerge reflections, doubts and some hopes for the future of the project of our continent � can there be a united Europe? How? And last, not least, what have the last ten years meant for Europe, have they contributed to its unification or its division?

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