Pawel Marczewski

is head of publications at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. He studied sociology and history of ideas at the University of Warsaw, where he obtained his doctoral degree 2011 and was then appointed assistant professor at the Institute of Sociology. Marczewski has held visiting fellowships at the IWM in Vienna (2014-2015), the Centre for Advanced Study in Sofia (2013), the Department of Politics at Indiana University Bloomington (2010) and the Centre for Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy at the Katolieke Universiteit Leuven (2009).


Cover for: Poland's turn to the Right

Poland's turn to the Right

On the limitations of the "liberal consensus"

It’s high time we rejected worn-out explanations that declare the PiS electoral victory of 2015 to be rooted in the undemocratic legacy of the communist regime, argues Pawel Marczewski. The source of scepticism concerning the EU, and the very idea of liberal democracy, is to be found elsewhere.

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