Obrad Savic

is an author and philosopher living in Belgrade. He taught at all universities in former Yugoslavia (University of Ljubljana, University of Zagreb, University of Sarajevo) and as a Visiting Lecturer he has given lectures at many universities and colleges in the United States (such as Cornell University, Bates College, USM, Drexel University, Stamford University, Ohio State University and Rochester Institute for Technology.)


Cover for: European guilt: The rhetoric of apology

We can dream of a cosmopolitan Europe. But to realize the dream, writes Obrad Savic, we must have the conviction to share the same history, the same past and the same future with “others”, outside of Europe. An argument for transforming the people of Europe into a European world people.

In 2005, ten years after the Srebrenica massacre, a group of Serbian NGOs published a declaration calling for official Serbian recognition of the rights of victims of Serbian war crimes. Introducing the declaration, Obrad Savic describes “the organized denial of crimes in Serbia”, and “the arrogant self-justification of the collective massacre in Srebrenica” that prompted its publication.

Cosmopolitan friendship

In memoriam Jacques Derrida (1930-2004)

Obrad Savic expresses his respect for a cosmopolitan friend who never kept his political and moral passion separate from theoretical reflections.

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