Miljenka Buljevic

is a co-founder of the organization Kulturtreger, Booksa‘s manager and member of the Eurozine Board of Trustees. She graduated English and Czech language and literature from the Zagreb University and, besides organizing literary events, occasionally translates from English.


Cover for: Consensus and controversy

Consensus and controversy

Literature in a politicized age

In a politicized age, literary debate seems to be seeking consensus. But many still argue that the task of writers is to voice what would otherwise be seen as unacceptable. Today, the question is as much about how literature is talked about as what it talks about.

Anti-ACTA activists in Zagreb

Despite public interest, Croatian politics is too fractious and self-centred to engage in serious debate about state surveillance, while data protection and digital rights are concepts yet to enter the mainstream, writes Miljenka Buljevic of Booksa.

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