Milena Iakimova

Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski and a member of the editorial board of Critique and Humanism. She is also a member of the team of the project ‘Anti-Liberal Discourses and Propaganda Messages in Bulgarian Media’. She is the author of the monographs Sofia of the Common People (With a Tarikat Slang-Bulgarian Dictionary) (Sofia: Iztok-Zapad, 2010; in Bulgarian) and How a Social Problem Arises (Sofia: Iztok-Zapad, 2016; in Bulgarian). Fields of interest: urban studies, social theory and pragmatism, qualitative research methods.


Cover for: Ordinary propagandists

In order to understand disinformation, we need to look beyond its content. Bulgaria provides a stark example of how structural changes in the media environment force journalists to become unwilling participants in the propaganda cycle.

Cover for: Co-opting discontent: Russian propaganda in the Bulgarian media

Russian propaganda co-opts western grassroots criticism of liberalism and globalization, recasting both left and right populism in nationalist terms. Vice versa, local actors borrow the Russian propaganda package and use it for their populist purposes. An analysis of Bulgarian media discourse 2013–2016.

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