Marion von Osten

works with curatorial, artistic and theoretical approaches that converge through the medium of exhibitions, installations, video and text productions, lecture performances, conferences, and film programmes. Her main research interests concern the working conditions of cultural production in post-colonial societies, technologies of the self, and the governance of mobility. She is a founding member of Labor k3000, kpD (kleines post-fordistisches Drama), and the Centre for Post-Colonial Knowledge and Culture, Berlin.


The Bologna paradox

On the contradictions in the implementation of the Bologna Criteria

The Bologna Process is typical of a new dynamic of inclusion and exclusion in the post-national politics of the Europe Union, writes Marion von Osten. Not only must the assumption be challenged that access to knowledge can be controlled via patenting and monetization, it is also necessary to place the higher education reforms in the context of the European border regime and its selective admission of “highly qualified” migrants.

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