Ronald H. Linden

Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, where he was also Director of the University’s Center for European Studies.


Cover for: A changing world

A changing world

EU, USA, China

From COVID-19 to economic tensions and full-scale war in Ukraine, the relationship between the EU, the US and China has undergone seismic shifts since the last European Parliamentary elections in 2019. This year’s elections on both sides of the Atlantic are likely to alter these dynamics, changing the geopolitical landscape again.

Cover for: No limits? China, Russia and Ukraine

China’s failure to condemn Russia’s war on Ukraine seems to have confirmed the two autocracies’ friendship with no limits. But China has its own stakes in the war-torn country. Ultimately, self-interest will determine how Beijing reacts.

Cover for: Rome and Beijing: Divorce Italian style?

Italy’s enthusiasm for Chinese investment has recently cooled, as transatlanticism, security risks and domestic resentment become decisive factors. The Italian change of heart is shared by the EU, which is finally developing a coordinated and values-based response to Chinese economic activity in the bloc.